Duralumin sake cups that are extremely thin and make sake taste better.
Have you ever felt that the taste of sake is even more direct when you drink it from a thin drinking vessel?
The 0.6 mm mouthpiece made of duralumin provides such a direct drinking experience that you forget the presence of the vessel. In addition, the coldness of the drink is transmitted to the mouthpiece because it is made of metal. The drinking experience is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. The duralumin has been carefully carved from a solid piece of duralumin to create a beautiful and intricate "kiriko" pattern, which reduces the surface area that your fingers come into contact with and keeps the cold sake from getting too warm. The shimmering metal also makes drinking time a more special experience.

また、超ジュラルミンを無垢の状態から削り出し、切子細工のような緻密かつ美しい模様を施しました。1つ1つ丁寧に削り出されたその凹凸が、指の触れる表面積を減らし、冷酒を温めてしまうのを防ぎます。金属の煌めきも楽しみながら、お酒の時間がより特別なひとときに。美味しさを研ぎ澄ます酒器「HAKUSAKU 薄削」で、まだ知らない日本酒の世界を是非ご体感ください。
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Product design/Creative direction @kenji_abe_
Production ATSUTA KIGYO Co., Ltd
Photo & Movie CROSSOVER Inc. @okamura_crossover
Graphic design @higaki_yuki

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