Digital still camera​​​​​​​
Premium digital still camera series released by Nikon.
There are three models depending on the lens spec.
DL18-50/f1.8-2.8 DL24-85/f1.8-2.8 DL24-500/f2.8-5.6

The DL series cameras are as pleasurable to hold as they are to shoot with. Advanced design technology makes it possible to condense superior imaging performance into their amazingly compact bodies, without making any compromises. Straight and smoothly curved lines combine to create sophisticated silhouettes, while the intricately designed lens barrels evoke the interchangeable lenses of D-SLR cameras. Meanwhile, the tough metallic exteriors make it clear that these are full-fledged, cutting-edge cameras. With the DL series, satisfaction is tangible.
color variation : silver
Nikon DL: Product Tour​​​​​​​

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