Glass bottle on the beach
Drinking beer while gazing at the sea is special. How- ever, bringing a table to the sandy beach is challeng- ing, and it is difficult to find a flat surface to place your bottle of beer. Hence, the artist conceived this work, evoking the desire to stick a glass bottle of beer into the sand. Users can fully enjoy the sea, sandy beach, and blue sky with this work, enhancing the beach beer-drinking experience.
2nd International Conference on Design for Ocean Environments「OCEAN BLINDNESS ーWe Don’t Know the Oceanー」
Exhibited at AXIS GALLERY in Roppongi, Tokyo.


第二回 国際海洋環境デザイン会議エキシビション「OCEAN BLINDNESS ー私たちは海を知らないー」出展作品 主催:3710Lab 展示会場:AXIS GALLERY

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