"Insects: Models for Design"  - Naming Insects
21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Exhibition
People have given insects all sorts of names in order to categorize their diversity and mysteriousness. Name refer to form, colour and  pattern, but also comparisons with something else. or we combine different ways of naming. This work uses animation to reveal how people have named insects to systematize  them. One example is 'brown spotted long-moustached elephant bug'(cha-madara-hige-naga-zou-mushi). When you come across an unknown insect. Using the method of naming by characteristics, why don't you try giving insects, or other things around you, you own names?
21_21 DESIGN SIGHT 企画展「虫展 -デザインのお手本- 」- 虫のなまえ
あまりにも謎で多種多様な虫たちを少しでも分類するために、人々はアレコレと虫に名前をつけてきました。虫がもつ色や模様、形で名付けるだけでなく、私たちの身近なものに見立てたり、あっちとこっちの要素を組み合わせたりしながら。本作品では、人々が「どのように虫の特徴を分類し名付けたのか」をアニメーションによって表現しています。例えば茶色くてマダラ模様でヒゲが長く、象のような鼻を持つ虫であれば「チャ マダラ ヒゲ ナガ ゾウムシ」というように。あなたが知らない虫と対峙したとき、名付け親と同じ名前を連想するかもしれないし、全く違う名前を想像するかもしれません。この特徴を名前にする方法で、身の回りのものや様々な虫をあなたなりに名付けてみましょう。
Combine many words to create insect names. 
Some words are actually used in insect names, others are not. 
You can name your own original insects.

This is a corner where you draw a picture imagining the insect you named yourself. Create your own insects with pens and stamps.

Animation design : Suzuka Fujita
Typography design : Yukiko Uno
Exhibition design + Stamp design + product design in movie : Kenji Abe
Insect photo provided : Seiichi Okuyama / Seidai Nagashima / Masashi Enju
Music : Sohtaro Kanda
Photo 1 : Satoshi Asakawa  / Photo 2 - 7 : Kenji Abe
created for Exhibition "Insects: Models for Design" at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, 2019​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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